Wednesday, June 10, 2015

                     Gratitute for Mr Milko Dikov from our association
                                             Two best cartoonist  waleks and milko Dikov.
Milko Minchev Dikov is a Bulgarian artist-cartoonist, illustrator and producer of animated films. At the age of 17 he arrived in Sofia to take private lessons in drawing to Eli Beshkov. The following year was admitted to VIII "Nikolay Pavlovich", but because of bad grades is off after the first year. Over the next few years working in a factory of "Elprom" and was taken to the labor service of the bridge construction. However it does not stop painting. From 1954 to 1960 should again at the Academy, majoring in ceramics in the class of professor Stoyan Raynov. In 1959, he printed its first newspaper cartoon "Hornet" and won his first cartoon contest. Since 1963 collaborates regularly in various newspapers and magazines with cartoons without words. Participates in national and international exhibitions of caricature. With Ivaylo Mirchev Mr. artist and producer of animated films, among which more famous are "two poles" (1963), "troublemaker" (1964), "Lullaby" (1966), "Aspirin", "Triptych" (" lock "," slap "," Puppeteer ", 1974)," One, two, three "(1977). He has won numerous awards from exhibitions in Skopje, Novi Sad, Moscow, Bordighera, Akshehri, Berlin, Marostica and Gabrovo All pefple - in Troyan mandatory, but all in Bulgaria - heard the name Milko Dikov. World-famous cartoonist, a master of political and not a small degree of erotic cartoon born in Troyan (March 24 1930). Winner of many competitions at home and around the world and printed in numerous publications. Above all, the jubilee - this year famous artist 'tapped' 85s. And do not miss - Milko Dikov is the author of the logo of the Feast of plum and plum brandy Trojan, and many cartoons rationalization that (most) Trojan event. Another thing - this year Mr. Dikov has been nominated for the title of "honorary citizen of Troy", which is awarded to Petkovden Feast of the city (October 14). “This street, which is the current gallery, I painfully familiar. She was with a rugged Turkish cobblestones, cobbles that led to Dryanska fountain, then water it was cold, clean; and from there up to the church to Turlata - all areas of my childhood. Abe childhood was wonderful, playing in these streets ... And not only that - we were divided into quarters, we were Road neighborhood, had upper end; often met and fought with them shepherds crooks - along the canal, which came top and flowed into the river. It was strange childhood. A children's summer day passed so slowly - unlike now, when and days and months and now years pass very quickly somehow. Childhood ...” Your father is a famous Trojans physician Dr. Dikov. how did the son of a doctor decided to become an artist and chose precisely why caricature? Will remind you what you told one of our TV: "The cartoon is something that gradually go into it and can not get out, you're all a joke, but this will go away." You stand behind these words? “ I'm surprised that I could utter such wise thoughts. But yes, it is indeed. And how was it? Painting of small - on my father's recipes on cooking books to my mother. My father cried - well was paint, but what are these terrible people where doing them, crooked ones. Only later, in the old Trojan community center, which is gone, Simeon Gatev librarian took me up the stairs and I unfolded some old volumes of "Illustrations", then I saw that there are such things and calmed down. My mother said that luck birdie that once alight. Perhaps something happened then - and then I went birdie, while gradually understand the years that I've not caught the bird, and it caught me. It becomes imperceptibly, slowly but forever.” ... and so 85 and he may yet !
    Nga Hapja e Ekspozitës në Gostivar, në galerinë  "GALLERY 202"

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

                                  Ekspozita në Gostivar -Maqedoni - Exhibition in Gostivar Macedonia.
                                               Ftesa për ekspozitë- Invitation for Exhibition
    Në tv Besa

    Me Ambasadorin e Kosovës në Bulgari Zotëri Shpend Kallaba

   Exhibition in Sofia , Bulgaria 16.05.2015